A sliver of a showreel, a dangerous innuendo, a place between the cracks of life and death, madness, molls and the concept of normal. Murder or justice? Regret or understanding? FSP seeks, perhaps, stories that journey the road less travelled. If you can meet the challenge of reality within the strange, and have us believe, and you have studied the best and the worst, if you know where the drama is, we're interested. 2017 is the year any one of us could die. How much time does one really have to do what one was born to do?

FSP established 2009 by independent award-winning author and film maker L M de Angeles. FSP is currently in development on a feature-length crime thriller based on the 2014 short story Comeuppance, winner of the Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) GritLit competition (2014), and publication in The Crime Factory (Issue 15) The Team is here.
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Updated January 2017