L M de Angeles
Producer/Director FSP
Author/Editor Story
Melbourne, Australia

L M DE ANGELES has a highly acclaimed background in publication, scholarship, stage, street and film peformance and direction, dating back to 1987.She has worked with some of Australia's top technical people and performance talent, both known and unknown. De Angeles considers herself one of those bad, bad women who don't know how to behave the way society expects a woman to behave and as such has written and filmed over a wide genre distribution. 2016 de Angeles released a memoir worldwide: Initiation.

Should you choose to risk your work with FSP de Angeles is your portal. Go to Services. You'll send a brief letter of introduction, your CV, where you studied, whose work you love and whose you hate. We will either reach an arrangement or we will not.

De Angeles books are available HERE and other online distribution services as well as in many libraries, Australia. Short stories and papers are HERE. She is an alumni with Deakin University, Melbourne and a true believer in the work of Snyder, Stoneking, Truby and McKee.

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Alexandra Tinley
Executive Producer FSP
Los Angeles, California, USA.

Alexandra Tinley is an Australian who has worked in several countries. She currently lives, breathes and works as television and film line producer and executive in charge of production, currently based in Los Angeles USA. Al has 20+ years of international experience in a broad section of tv and film genres.

She comes aboard FSP when the work inspires.

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Helen Nailon
Proof/Script Assessment, FSP
Melbourne, Australia

Helen Nailon has a BA from Monash University and has worked with de Angeles on projects, including stage and screen, for fifteen years. An award winning short story writer (Pink New Growth of Cedar) she is proof reader for all of de Angeles books, academic papers and screenplays. Her eye for a throwaway line, a spelling error or a cliche is savage.

She and de Angeles are the word and script tacklers for FSP.

On set, The Redemption of Joe Frame
Photography Serenity de Angeles

Outsource Contacts

Paul J Warren

Paul J Warren is one of Australia’s most experienced Directors of Photography. Shooting in the broadest range of cultures throughout the world, his portfolio is extensive and displays a huge variety of formats, styles and content.His knowledge and ability to cross between the different demands of long form feature films, TVC's, documentaries and short films is formidable. This gives him a rare and versatile approach for the many ways of finding the appropriate visual dialogue for the story at hand.Paul’s first feature film ‘The Cup’ was in Official Selection for the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.



Director Melaine Knight

Knight is a musician /performance artist and stylist  + costume designer who has created pieces for music videos, runways, editorial shoots, live shows + film/tv.

Her background is in music and theatre, specialising and working on international music tours , photoshoots/videos, in wardrobe/styling/designing costumes for music artists. Recently, she has been working as a fashion producer/stylist for Rolling Stone Magazine and as a costume supervisor in film + tv. Melaine also works on large scale music festivals + events in production styling + designing spaces, stages + artist backstage areas + interiors. She is a music-film-fashion columnist for New York / Copenhagen based Arts magazine Red Door NY, writing under the moniker, The Neon Rebel. Currently she is writing + recording an album with her band, The Velvet Lovers.


Updated January 2017